Birth Story: Baby Mackenzie

I have never been to a birth that has gone exactly like the one before. Every birth experience is different from another. However, there are two things that happen at every birth I am honored to attend: 

1. I inevitably cry.

2: Love is present.

The second I sat with Grace at Starbucks for our initial meetup, I knew it was going to be a ton of fun to work together. I feel like I could have talked with her for hours. We seemed to connect from the start and her excitement for having this birth photographed made me even more excited.

Weeks later, I met her and her husband bright and early at the hospital, where they welcomed their second baby girl. This is where I have to mention a first for me: When I was putting on the scrubs, my pants kept falling down. Well, not my actual pants; my scrub pants! I may or may not have had to create tape-suspenders to hold them up. At least it made for some good laughs, and I learned how to make tape-suspenders in a pinch.

After a peaceful delivery, Baby Mackenzie arrived, Mom and Dad were overjoyed, we were all emotional, and Big Sister got to meet Little Sister.

It was an honor to witness this baby girl's birth, and the love that is so, so evident among this family. Can't you tell that Big Sister was smitten with her Little Sister?



Birth Story:
Baby Mackenzie

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Rainbow Baby Davis

I have a (somewhat) funny story to tell about the day of this family's newborn session.

The day of their newborn session, it was POURING. After quickly packing the car, I let Carys know I was on the way. No more than 1.5 miles down the road from my house, the tire pressure light came know where this is headed...

So I pull over, get out, and can hear the loud hissing that is my tire most definitely leaking.
I jump back in and make it a block to the closest parking lot. When I go to check the tire again, it was completely flat. Determined to change the tire myself, I tried and tried, in the rain, to loosen the bolts. I finally gave in and tried calling my husband. When I couldn't reach him, and with about 5 minutes until the session was supposed to start, I went ahead and called Carys to let her know I was dealing with a flat and would make it as soon as I could. 

It wasn't 5 minutes later that she called and said that her husband, Doug, was on the way! 
Sure enough, he pulled up soon after, and changed the tire without one complaint and without making me feel like a damsel in distress (and SO quickly might I add). Keep in mind he was all ready for the photo shoot- hair done and all! 

After we were all changed and dry, the session took place, just a bit later than originally planned. 

I hope this story provides a little insight into this family's compassionate, understanding, and loving traits. They also happen to do amazing work at Heart of Florida Chiropractic!  Maybe Doug should open an on-call-tire-changing-business. 

Anyways, here are just a few from our session together, with their precious Rainbow Baby!


Rainbow Baby Davis

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Newborn Session: Bok Tower Gardens

I truly try to not take my "job" for granted. I get the opportunity to share some of the earliest moments with a new family, and it's just as rewarding every time. 

I love watching a new mama's face light up when someone asks how old her daughter is. I love seeing fathers beam with pride. I love baby smiles, coos, and cute little toes. 

This couple got engaged at Bok Tower Gardens, so naturally we took their maternity and some newborn photos there!


Newborn Session:
Baby A.

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