School Portraits


Hi! You're in just the right place if your school, preschool, daycare, homeschool group or cooperative is in need of unique student portraits that strive to capture the essence of the child's personality in this season of their lives. 


Our portraits are all about capturing the big personalities of your little people, as well as making that a simple & smooth process for staff & parents alike.
Sometimes this takes two minutes with the extra outgoing child, and sometimes we spend 10 minutes with a child.
We do not rush. We are relaxed, and we have always been able to make each child relax and smile.
We LOVE doing portraits of kids and we strive to always have FUN with them!



If your group has a minimum of 50 students/families, there is no sitting fee. We come for free and provide parents the opportunity to purchase prints and/or digital files. 

If you have a smaller group and still wish to take advantage of our portrait services, we charge a small sitting fee per family - that is based on the number of students or sibling groups - that can then be applied as a discount to their print order. 

The setup of the photos is based on the style your school or group decides is the best fit - we can help you with that decision, too. We've used classroom elements to make portraits that feel like your school, we've also used a plain wall at a school, or brought solid backdrops. 


  • Based on the number of students, we schedule dates and time frames for the portraits - usually one staff photographer and one assistant. 
  • We provide you (the school or staff person assigned with the task of coordinating the school portraits) with a permission slip that you give to parents and collect for us to use on date(s) of the school portraits. This permission slip collects details that we need to organize and deliver the photos to parents. 
  • Within 4 weeks, we deliver individual, password protected, secure galleries to each family. These contain a minimum of five images per student. 
  • The galleries are open for parent orders for approximately 3 weeks, and then print orders are finalized and delivered to the school within 2 weeks to distribute. They come in window envelopes so the image is visible and easy to sort. They also have the name of the student, (and you have the option to print class name, etc.,) on the front for easy sorting. Parents also have the option to have their print orders shipped directly to their home. 


I don't know about you, but as a mom myself, photos of my kids where they're together, being themselves, and also not fighting with one another might just be my favorite. So when I first went into a school to do portraits and I had permission to do things my way, I knew sibling photos were a must. We do our best to get siblings together for a more formal photo and then also a silly one that shows the dynamic and good of their relationships. Check out these samples:


We have worked with schools to provide teacher, staff, and even board member portraits. If any of the staff have children that are students of the school, we do a photo of them together as well. These portraits are available for purchase, or are provided to the yearbook staff to update the yearbook. 


Our print and digital prices are comparable to the big box school portrait studios, but with all of the heart of us and our above and beyond small business portrait services. Our prints are of the highest professional quality, and digitals are delivered within 48 hours of parents' orders. 

We provide a range of affordable print and digital options, with a la carte items starting at $5, with a low order minimum of $15. Print and digital photo packages range from $25-200. 


If you've read all this info and want to work with Petal & Vine for your student portraits, here's a quick way to start that process: 

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