A Holiday & Birthday Morning with My Family

Before I get started…
For anyone that’s into Enneagram, I have taken it several times and always end up with the same results: Type 2 W 3. Once I took it and they were reversed, but I’ve only ever gotten a 2 and 3 so I suppose it’s pretty accurate. :P I never put all my eggs into one basket with these personality tests, but out of any other before, this is pretty spot on.

All that to say, I find it natural to want to share parts of my life with others, but I specifically treasure hearing THEIR story. Within reason, I like to think of myself as an open book; personable and hospitable. So when I realized that as much as I love getting to build relationships with people, I don’t share much about my family or myself on social media, here on the blog, etc.

Going into the New Year, I want to do more of just that! You may see my face a little more, and hear about some more of our adventures, and of course I will continue to share about the amazing families, couples, and individuals I am blessed to work with!

So here’s small window into Christmas Morning at our place last week. December 25th was also my son’s 4th birthday. Every year, my husband and I nearly pass out blowing up a million balloons to hang from the ceiling for our son to wake up to on his birthday morning. Cedar’s favorite color was PINK this year, so pink balloons it was!

I would love to hear from YOU! Have you taken the Enneagram test before? Which type(s) do you most align with?
Do you have any family birthday or holiday traditions? Share in the comments!