Personal Post: Family Vacation

I'm not so great with taking pictures of my own family lately. But we recently had a little vacation to the beach recently with my family from the California & Washington. It was wonderful. And I was intentional about taking photos a few times. Here are those moments:

This is my sweet little girl who will be three next month.


DB-Nov-2013-9755 She loves to have her hair in braids. DB-Nov-2013-9761

She loves to wear "ballet clothes" - here in her leotard.



And she LOVES to jump on the bed.


One of the days, we went over to the Marine Science Center which is a turtle rescue. My kids got to pet the sting rays - this is my little boy & my husband by the sting ray pool.


My mom snapped this quick photo of me and my little boy {15 months old!} while we were on the lazy river.



And this is my little girl and my amazing husband as we were walking to the ferris wheel just down the boardwalk from our hotel.