Please try to imagine us saying that in a totally non-cheesy, we're giggling while we say this because we can't find a way to introduce ourselves without feeling like we're trying to be Charlie's Angels, kind of way...

This is us.

We laugh constantly. Each of us is here at Petal & Vine because it is an honor for us to work with you to create images that show the joy you find in your life - through sweet moments with the people that you love.


We are professional portrait & commercial photographers located in Lakeland, Florida.

We serve all of Central Florida, and are available for travel.


Hi - I’m Maddie. Woman, Mother to a spirited little boy, Wife to a good-looking teacher, and Photographer. These are just a few of the hats I wear.
I am also a nature-loving, sustainable agriculture and community development enthusiast living in Central Florida.

I believe that every person is intricately designed with passions that, when whole-heartedly pursued, give purpose.

Growing up, and into adulthood, I always had a soft spot in my heart for photography - for capturing the in-between moments happening all around. My desperate attempt to freeze time. I found the concept of light fascinating: the way it exposed and sometimes complimented shadows. The long nights awake with my son were actually some of my fondest memories. In the happenstance he’d fall asleep, I would lie awake watching the moonlight from our bedroom window dance on his skin. In the mornings, I would watch as the light of the morning sun kissed his cheeks.

Becoming a mother introduced another concept: time.
The brevity of life was made even more apparent and I had an innate desire to capture the everyday beauty in both my life and the lives of others.

By way of photographs, my hope is that others realize that this life is worth treasuring and worth remembering.

Lee Anne

Hi! I have an amazing husband who’s a total dream, and two kiddos. Petal & Vine has also been baby of mine. I've poured heart, soul, energy, and resources into this business for several years. It has been a joy to see it thrive and meet so many amazing people along the way.

I have always loved photographs. I remember spending hours looking through my parents & grandparents’ albums as a little girl. I still love the way an album feels in my hands as I flip through the pages, smiling as I get to cherish all of the sweet moments that have faded in memory but are preserved through this beautiful medium. In addition to digital photography, I especially love working with film and taking time to make beautiful photographs together.

These moments are priceless and fleeting.
It is my job to turn these memories into art that does not fade.

((And, I might add that I have the best job in the world - doing work that I love.))

This incredible thing that I get to do–capturing the story of a new life–is important. It is powerful. It is  long lasting. It is meaningful. I will always consider it a sacred privilege to be invited to capture your wedding, or invited into your birth space, into your home, into your family’s intimate moments and beginnings.

This is a brand experience video (shoutout to Composition Cinema!) about Petal & Vine that was made a few years ago.
We're looking forward to a new and updated version in 2017!