We are SO happy to have you here.

This is us.

Each of us is here at Petal & Vine because consider it an honor to work with you to create images that show the joy you find in your life - through sweet moments with the people that you love.


We are professional portrait & commercial photographers located in Central Florida.

We serve all of Central Florida, including but not limited to Lakeland, Lake Wales, Winter Haven, Tampa, Orlando, and more.
We also serve parts of South West Florida, such as Ft. Myers, Sarasota, and Bradenton.
We are available for travel worldwide.


Maddie Adeline

Well, hello there! I’m Maddie (some people call me Myrtle..that’s a part of my name too but also a long story. So choose whichever one you fancy because I will answer to both :P).

Growing up, my mother made photo albums for each of us kids. Through the photographs, I caught glimpses into the stories of generations that came before me and also into my own life growing up. You could say that I have always has a fondness for photographs, albums, keepsakes, and the like. Furthermore, I feel like I need to share a little about the“WHY” behind what I do.

To spare you from a super long “about me” section, here’s the short version: You see, a part of my story includes suffering from postpartum trauma/PTSD and complications after having my son. I entered what I now recognize as the most trying season of my life (for real though- I felt like I was realizing the true meaning of “refining”). When everything seemed to be different, myself included, my (wonderful & supportive) husband, encouraged me to re-awaken some of the desires of my heart- photography being one of them. This time, I had a totally different outlook: the brevity of life was SO apparent after feeling like I missed out on so much of my son’s first year. I couldn’t prioritize family photos that season. Time was passing faster than I could keep up with it, and I had little to hold onto to remember it all.

I decided that I wanted to preserve these fleeting moments, both for myself and others. I strive to capture families and individuals just as they are- beautiful, authentic, perfectly-imperfect, during the here and now. If I am invited to be a part of your story, be it capturing your love, family, birth, wedding, or more… it is considered a true honor.

I feel like this introduction wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a few of the consistent priorities in my life apart from my wild little family:

  • My Faith

  • Dark chocolate (especially fondue-style)

  • Sustainability & holistic living

  • Building train tracks, making mud pies, and playing with legos with my son (though I could do without the part where I step on them).



Lee Anne

Hi! I have an amazing husband who’s a total dream, and two kiddos. Petal & Vine has also been baby of mine. I've poured heart, soul, energy, and resources into this business for several years. It has been a joy to see it thrive and meet so many amazing people along the way.

I have always loved photographs. I remember spending hours looking through my parents & grandparents’ albums as a little girl. I still love the way an album feels in my hands as I flip through the pages, smiling as I get to cherish all of the sweet moments that have faded in memory but are preserved through this beautiful medium. In addition to digital photography, I especially love working with film and taking time to make beautiful photographs together.

These moments are priceless and fleeting.
It is my job to turn these memories into art that does not fade.

((And, I might add that I have the best job in the world - doing work that I love.))

This incredible thing that I get to do–capturing the story of a new life–is important. It is powerful. It is  long lasting. It is meaningful. I will always consider it a sacred privilege to be invited to capture your wedding, or invited into your birth space, into your home, into your family’s intimate moments and beginnings.