Hi! I'm Lee Anne.

I am located in Lakeland and serve Central Florida as a professional photographer.

I am located in Lakeland and serve Central Florida as a professional photographer.

I have an amazing husband who’s a total dream, and two littles: Amelie & Justice, who are 20 months apart.

I find so much beauty in the motherhood journey.

Becoming a mother changed me. Since then, I have fallen more in love with the whole story of a child’s beginning – and a mother’s. I became a new woman when each of my children were born and I love watching the same transformation in the women around me. My love for birth has grown into a passion for the journey of motherhood and how it grows wonderful women into amazing mothers.

I love mamas & babies. 

I have always loved photographs. I remember spending hours looking through my parents & grandparents’ albums as a little girl. I still love the way an album feels in my hands as I flip through the pages,smiling when I recall all of  the sweet moments that time might have otherwise forgot. I am incredibly grateful that someone took the time to record this moment when my grandparents helped my Dad take his first steps. These moments as a new and growing family are priceless and fleeting. It is my job to turn these memories into art that does not fade.

I have the best job in the world - one that I love.

This incredible thing that I get to do–capturing the story of a new life–is important. It is powerful. It is  long lasting. It is meaningful. I will always consider it a sacred privilege to be invited into your birth space, into your home, into your family’s intimate moments and beginnings. 

I have an office and studio in the historic district of downtown Lakeland. I also offer lifestyle sessions in your home as well as outdoor photography.